2015 — What Should You Do?

Posted on by Gerry


2+0+1+5 = 8!

Power and Money

The Universe will support you in empowering yourself and others in this year of the forceful 8.

This is a great year to pay off those nagging balances and have huge material growth. This year of 8 will support you in your power and your money.

It is very important to take care of your health this year. 

Be prepared for some intensity in the world and very direct communication with ‘no holds barred’.

Remember to be gracious and compassionate in your own life with colleagues, friends and family.

January — What should you Do?

This is the forge ahead month of the number 1.  

It is a time to be decisive, inventive and to initiate. 

This month you might be feeling you want to neaten up, put things in order and get rid of all of that unwanted ‘stuff’ you never use.

Do it!  You will feel better.  Give it to a friend, acquaintance, family or charity. Make room for the new.

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