Welcome to your Beautiful Path of Life!

Posted on by Gerry

IMG_0851Welcome to Path of Life Numerology…….


I am so happy that you made the choice to join me and get started on a whole new and happier Path of Life through numerology knowledge.  Please take the time to determine your path of life number.  You will find it to be the key to directing you through your daily life on a more focused and enlightened course.

By including the presence of your number and wearing it daily, you will attract and enhance more of your personal gifts and talents!  Wear your number!!Luxury Lapis bracelet w-8

I hope you will keep coming back to read more info about what your numbers mean and why they are so important for you to know.   I love the joy and understanding it brings to people when they find out they can be more aware of why things are happening around them and how to enhance each day with this new-found knowledge.

Please feel free to leave your comments or ask questions about the info I will be providing here. I look forward to hearing how your life might be changing by keeping your numbers close to you.

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