#8 Path of Life is all about Power and Money!

Posted on by Gerry


  • 8 is a lucky number and 8’s experience luck in their lives.
  • An 8 Path of Life has the gifts of power and money.
  • You will be masterful at whatever you do. You are a natural executive.
  • For an 8, it’s important to find the balance with money.  Don’t let it slip through

your fingers. You came into this life to learn how to manage money.

  • Don’t forget humility with all the power you wield.
  • 8 ‘s are excellent judges of character!
  • 8’s are definitely attracted to the finer things in life. Dom Perignon vs. Sparkling Wine?   They pick Dom!!!!!



A good example of an 8 Path of Life is Martin Scorsese.

Small in stature but brilliant and ‘in charge’ in an 8 way!



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