Amazing How Your Path of Life Number can Influence Your Love Life!

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Path of Life Number Jewelry

I love People magazine. I put out the big bucks to subscribe every year. Why? What’s so special about it?” Well, I enjoy reading stories about people and their lives. I don’t watch The Bachelor television show, but read about it in People. Interestingly, the personality and character of the bachelor (Juan Pablo) caught my eye. Evidently, for the first time on the show, the bachelor wouldn’t propose to the woman he chose.  Immediately, I had to know his numbers!!!

About the Bachelor – 5 Path of Life

I found his path of life number – and guess what? He is a 5 path of life, so OF COURSE, he wouldn’t propose. No one, not even the producers tell a 5 what to do. 5’s love their freedom. The other numbers in his birthday tell me he is very creative and independent. The BOSS..  He is going to do it his way.

About the Girl – 9 Path of Life

While on the other side the girl he picked (Nikki), is a 9 path of life. This tells me that she is a humanitarian at heart and came into this life with much wisdom to impart. Nikki is very independent with two 1’s in her numerology chart. She is also very creative and giving. Being a 9, Nikki ‘beats to her own drummer’ and mostly isn’t affected by what people think of her.

Meant to be – or not to be?

Juan Pablo and Nikki probably stimulate each other intellectually and both are seeking the wisdom of the world. In the end, if he does propose, she will decide for herself whether he will be good for her. It’s best for 5 paths of life (Juan Pablo) to marry later in life because it is hard to settle on ONE person. Fidelity can be an issue.

About this relationship? Well, it seems like it CAN work, according to their numbers. We will have to see what happens! Isn’t life fun?

Numerology helps finding a suitable partner easier and the numbers can tell you whether a relationship is destined for long term or not.

Handmade numerology jewelry is one thing that you can use to wear your numbers. Be beautiful and see how life turns in your favor!


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