George & Amal–Will they Last?

By Gerry

November 1, 2017

George Clooney and Amal Clooney

Will they last?

by Gerry Welles, Numerologist

The answer to this question is a resounding YES.  George and Amal are an extremely well suited couple according to their numbers. They fit… They understand and relate to how their partner thinks.

George is a go-getter. He is an independent thinker with original ideas. He is not afraid to go outside the box … He goes after what he wants with a vengeance.  He is a 19/1 Path of Life. Amal has a very creative side, with an ‘anything goes’ attitude. She has a sunny disposition and is always up for adventure. They are both communicators. They have lively, intellectual conversations about everything with a hefty dose of laughter included. Amal is a 12/3 Path of Life.

As far as their names on their birth certificates, George is a 22/4 and Amal is a 16/7. George, in his soul, wants to make a difference in the betterment of mankind. He has a world view and leadership capabilities. Amal is very analytical and always looking for answers to life’s questions. She researches everything and is looking for the truth in all things. 

Their names also tell me that George is very charismatic and uplifting in personality with a good sense of humor. Amal is very dignified in her persona and is a humanitarian at heart.

Since this couple is intellectually oriented, they need to reveal their vulnerable sides to each other.  Really tell each other what they are feeling. Keep that heart connection open.

The Twins–Ella and Alexander Clooney

Their Path of Life is 13/4. The twins will think differently than their parents. 4’s are more inside the box than outside the box. George and Amal are definitely outside the box in their thinking. 4’s are usually very loyal, accountable, hard working, practical, strong and disciplined. As children, they are particularly stubborn.

Ella’s heart’s desire is to be a free spirit. Alexander’s heart’s desire is to be the peacemaker.


I couldn’t find a middle name for the children so this is based on just their first and last name.

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Gerry Gets Your Number!!

By Gerry

April 21, 2016

Prince came into this world on 6/7/1958 which makes him a 9 Path of Life in numerology. His birthday tells me that he was a socially conscious humanitarian deeply concerned about the state of our world. He was an artist in the truest sense of the word being a 9 Path of Life. With his 7 birthday, he was a deep thinker and felt life deeply but didn’t share his feelings openly on a personal level. His whole name on his birth certificate adds to a 1 Expression and he was highly independent and ambitious. Interestingly, by taking the name Prince professionally, that gave him an 11 master number energy which is all about enlightening people’s lives. His Heart’s Desire of 9 was making the world a better place and being of service in the grander scheme of life. 

Rest in peace dear Prince Rogers Nelson!

6/7/1958 to 4/21/2016

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What should you do in September?

By Gerry

September 3, 2015

What should you do in September?

September has the ‘9’ vibration.

This is a good month to make room for the new. Clean out those closets and get rid of the things that aren’t relevant in your life.

 Then… give it to charity and make someone’s life better! 

You will be feeling your inner power and being able to connect to your true self in this month. Think before you speak and always try to be humble and loving. 

Knowing and wearing your number will:  Amplify your personal power. 

Create a connection to your authentic self.

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Special Sale!!!

By Gerry

March 18, 2015

If you book before March 31st, I will give you a $50.00 discount on my hourly rate.

That means I will be charging $75.00 an hour.

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March Has the “3” Vibration

By Gerry

March 13, 2015


You need to include humor, communication, joy and creativity into this month.

The 3 vibration is about expression. How can you express your creativity?  What brings you joy?

This month will support you in anything creative.  It also encourages socializing.  Have a party, meet a friend, plan an activity…

And last of all, have a belly laugh! 

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2015 — What Should You Do?

By Gerry

January 24, 2015


2+0+1+5 = 8!

Power and Money

The Universe will support you in empowering yourself and others in this year of the forceful 8.

This is a great year to pay off those nagging balances and have huge material growth. This year of 8 will support you in your power and your money.

It is very important to take care of your health this year. 

Be prepared for some intensity in the world and very direct communication with ‘no holds barred’.

Remember to be gracious and compassionate in your own life with colleagues, friends and family.

January — What should you Do?

This is the forge ahead month of the number 1.  

It is a time to be decisive, inventive and to initiate. 

This month you might be feeling you want to neaten up, put things in order and get rid of all of that unwanted ‘stuff’ you never use.

Do it!  You will feel better.  Give it to a friend, acquaintance, family or charity. Make room for the new.

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What does the month of December have in store for you??

By Gerry

December 16, 2014


December breaks down to the number 3 (1 + 2 = 3).

The number ‘3’ is all about joy and expressing creativity.  As I was thinking about what I was going to tell you about the energy of December, I thought about all of the celebrations in this month.  In many faiths…. December is about celebrating in this dark month on the calendar.  Short days.  Brief light.

We must celebrate OUR inner light. 

Are you stressed with the holidays?

Laugh at your circumstances!  Throw up your hands and giggle…Give yourself a break and think about those who are less fortunate.

What is your secret to reaching joy in your soul in this month of December? Please, please smile and rejoice in your precious self.

That will make ME smile and make me happy.



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Black Friday

By Gerry

November 26, 2014


‘Black Friday’ November 28th to Sunday November 30th at midnight~

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It’s October…What should you do??

By Gerry

October 15, 2014

October is a 10 month

Ten times the power of 1 !!!

This month will help you accomplish what you desire.

1 is the energy of success, achievement and innovation.

What can you do to move your life forward in this month?

To start, try something small.

Make a decision that you have been avoiding.

This month will support you in that decision!

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What is the Number of your Home?

By Gerry

August 18, 2014


                        Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Take the number of your street address and add each number and reduce to one digit. If you live in an apartment or condo with a number on the door, this is the dominant number to work with.

1414 Brown Hills Rd.    1+4+1+4 = 10 = 1+0 =  a ‘1’ house. 



A place of self-reliance and incentive.

Encourages: Achievement


A place of love, peace, spirit and harmony.

Encourages: Feelings


A place of joy, creative expression and laughter.

Encourages: Communication


A place of solidity, grounding and safety.

Encourages: Work ( Don’t forget to play!)


A place of action, keen awareness and passion.

Encourages: Activity


A place of beauty, peace and family orientation.

Encourages: Nurturing


A place of deep contemplation, study and intuition.

Encourages: Learning


A place of influence and material gain.

Encourages: Prosperity


A place of wisdom, philanthropy and idealism.

Encourages: Charity

Want to change the energy of your home?

All you do is add a number to the INSIDE of your front door above the molding.

Are you in a ‘2’ home and want to make more money? Add a ‘6’ above the door on top of the molding and you have an ‘8’ house!


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What is your Personal Year?

By Gerry

May 27, 2014



Find your personal year number by adding YOUR:

Month   +    Day   +   7  =   Your Personal Year.

Here is mine for an example:

Month  +   Day    +      7

June            17 (1+7)

6         +   8       +      7  =  21 (2+1)  = 3  =  Gerry’s Personal Year.

The reason why we add  7 to our month and day is because it is the energy of the Universal year. 2+0+1+4 = 7





A year to lead. Be decisive. Be prepared for new beginnings and success. Take charge!


A year for cooperation, compromise and patience. Feelings and emotions may surface

more than usual.


A year for personal creative expression. Communicate, laugh, socialize and enjoy life.


A year for organization and a systematic approach to life. Hard work, stability and focus

will bring opportunities in building a solid foundation in your life.


A year of changes, surprises and excitement.  Create,  promote yourself, travel and go

with the flow. This year will fly by fast!


A year for creating harmony in all matters.  Could be a good year for business, signing

contracts and marriage. Nurture yourself and others in this year.


A year of contemplation, reflection, soul searching and introspection. Experience

the joy and beauty of life.  Note: We are in a 7 Universal year where everyone

will feel this energy.  (2014 = 7)


A year dealing with power, success and material growth. Balance is the key. Execute

business plans. Don’t forget to be tactful this year!


A year of completion, letting go, humility.  Don’t fear letting go. The last nine years are

coming to fruition. Stay positive.




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Tolerance Jewelry: A Step towards Tolerance, Peace & Harmony

By Gerry

April 8, 2014

Tolerance Jewelry Bracelets

Today, our lives are occupied with unnecessary and overly absurd ideas about people, things, and life in general. In all of this chaos, we have lost the true meaning of love, peace and harmony. We’re surrounded by many souls that are negative and give us a hard time fighting the norm to bring peace.

A Little about Tolerance Bracelets and Necklaces

Tolerance jewelry initially became famous to show tolerance towards multiculturalism, and world religions. In addition, these bracelets were created to show support for people from different backgrounds to coexist and live in harmony. Over the years, tolerance bracelets have become popular to show support for religious and cultural peace and harmony.

Why Tolerance Jewelry Today? 

In today’s world, there is a heightened phobia about certain races, religions and cultures, which eventually is likely to get ingrained into the future generations. We, at Path of Life Numerology Jewelry, aim to support world peace and harmony amongst the chaotic world who wants to divide people based on color, cast, religion or region. Tolerance jewelry is ever so important in times like this, and I am happy to say that we offer handmade tolerance jewelry that not only promotes peace, but is pretty too.

Tolerance Bracelets, Necklaces and Path of Life Number

Tolerance jewelry is extremely popular among young adults and teenagers too, who promote peace, love and harmony. However, if a tolerance bracelet or necklace is coupled with your path of life number, it can change your life to WOW!

Adding your path of life number to your tolerance jewelry can open up your mind, help you to enhance your personality and number traits, show more empathy and touch the apex of your success. It brings confidence, higher self awareness, energy, spirituality, luck, and can even lead you to find true love.

These cute and funky bracelets make a great present too! Tolerance bracelets usually have different signs or charms such as the Holy Cross charm, Moon and Star charm, and Star of David’s charm. This variety of charms coupled with your path of life number can add more fun to your tolerance jewelry piece!

What are your views on tolerance bracelets? Do you think they’re cute and funky to wear to parties too? What is your favorite charm out of the ones listed?

9 Path of Life 

If you are a ‘9’ path of life, you will definitely be attracted to Tolerance Jewelry. If you have a friend who is a 9, give them a Tolerance bracelet or necklace and I am sure they will love it! 9’s are humanitarians and want to save the world or make it a better more peaceful, conscious place.

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