Homemade Jewelry – All About Amethyst

By Gerry

April 2, 2014


Amethyst has been the favorite of royals for many years due to its gorgeously regal purple hue. From pale lilac to deep purple, amethyst is a winner amongst the quartz family. Its eye catching cuts and shades of purple are breathtaking and stunning. If you’re born in February, then you’re lucky because amethyst is your birthstone.

Over the years I have developed great interest in homemade jewelry and have very recently tried my hands at semi precious stones. I must say, making jewelry using these stones give your jewelry piece an extra regal look; it sparkles, shines and looks amazingly stunning!

Since I came up with beautiful amethyst homemade jewelry designs, I thought I’d write about the amazing qualities of amethyst. Here goes:

1. Calm and Meditative

Amethyst is known for its calming and relaxing properties. This beautiful stone is known to give the wearer the ability to relax and maintain balance in life along with peace and poise.

2. Intuitive and Spiritual 

Amethyst is known to help increase the spirituality of the wearer. In addition, it provides and keeps the wearer grounded and spiritual. It is known to provide the wearer protection from evil thoughts and keep the person safe from negative auras.

3. Creativity and Passion

This stone with royal hues opens up the mind and increases the creative abilities of the wearer. It stimulates the brain to come up with new ideas, increases imagination and refreshes a person’s soul to create passion directed towards positivity and growth.

4. Heals Pains and Aches

Amethyst, the stone of kings and queens is known to have healing properties. It helps ease stress, aches and pains due to arthritis, diabetes, asthmas, headaches, miscarriage, PMS and others. It is been known to cure hangovers and help people keep away from drugs and intoxication.

5. Relieves Stress and Grief

This semi precious stone is also said to have emotional healing properties. It helps ease pain from: grievances, losses, and is known to bring contentment, happiness and help the wearer get rid of a heavy heart.

Wearing amethyst jewelry can bring so many benefits! Lucky are those who are born in February and so are those who can wear this lovely hued stone! I’ve designed beautiful homemade amethyst jewelry with different path of life numbers. Your path of life number combined with the amazing properties of amethyst can work wonders for you. A beaded amethyst bracelet or necklace also makes a perfect present for your loved one on their anniversary, birthday or even a wedding present! Amethyst and numerology can work wonders in your life. Your path of life number with the amethyst stone can be a powerful way to show yourself in our world!

Have you tried amethyst?  How is your path of life number helping you deal with life? How has it improved your well being?

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Amazing How Your Path of Life Number can Influence Your Love Life!

By Gerry

March 20, 2014

Path of Life Number Jewelry

I love People magazine. I put out the big bucks to subscribe every year. Why? What’s so special about it?” Well, I enjoy reading stories about people and their lives. I don’t watch The Bachelor television show, but read about it in People. Interestingly, the personality and character of the bachelor (Juan Pablo) caught my eye. Evidently, for the first time on the show, the bachelor wouldn’t propose to the woman he chose.  Immediately, I had to know his numbers!!!

About the Bachelor – 5 Path of Life

I found his path of life number – and guess what? He is a 5 path of life, so OF COURSE, he wouldn’t propose. No one, not even the producers tell a 5 what to do. 5’s love their freedom. The other numbers in his birthday tell me he is very creative and independent. The BOSS..  He is going to do it his way.

About the Girl – 9 Path of Life

While on the other side the girl he picked (Nikki), is a 9 path of life. This tells me that she is a humanitarian at heart and came into this life with much wisdom to impart. Nikki is very independent with two 1’s in her numerology chart. She is also very creative and giving. Being a 9, Nikki ‘beats to her own drummer’ and mostly isn’t affected by what people think of her.

Meant to be – or not to be?

Juan Pablo and Nikki probably stimulate each other intellectually and both are seeking the wisdom of the world. In the end, if he does propose, she will decide for herself whether he will be good for her. It’s best for 5 paths of life (Juan Pablo) to marry later in life because it is hard to settle on ONE person. Fidelity can be an issue.

About this relationship? Well, it seems like it CAN work, according to their numbers. We will have to see what happens! Isn’t life fun?

Numerology helps finding a suitable partner easier and the numbers can tell you whether a relationship is destined for long term or not.

Handmade numerology jewelry is one thing that you can use to wear your numbers. Be beautiful and see how life turns in your favor!


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7 Commandments of Handmade Jewelry

By Gerry

March 18, 2014

Handmade jewelry has caught teenagers, young and old alike with ravishing and jaw dropping designs. The handmade jewelry designs are unique, made with much love and care; which reflect in the intricacy and the beauty of the jewelry piece once it reaches its final shape.

Handmade beaded jewelry is trending these days as everyone loves them, but here are some things to make sure you’re wearing your handmade jewelry the right way! Follow these 10 handmade jewelry commandments to steal the show wherever you go wearing your handmade jewelry:

1. Wear it with Confidence

Each handmade jewelry piece has a unique design and style. Wear the jewelry piece with confidence, because you’re the only one in the crowd who owns one. Flaunt your exquisite handmade jewelry piece and make heads turn!

2. Don’t go overboard

When you wear a handmade jewelry piece, whether a bracelet, necklace or earrings, make sure it’s the center of attention. Don’t go overboard with too many accessories else your handmade jewelry won’t stand out. To make sure it is noticed; keep the accessories to a bare minimum! Remember – less is more!

3. Know what’s in vogue

Jewelry designers come up with great many designs, while some don’t get too much attention, others become the trendsetters. Know what’s in fashion and how you can carry it best. Wearing outdated designs can also shun the limelight.

4. Be the collector gypsy

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t collect handmade jewelry! It’s beautiful, it’s exquisite and it never goes out of fashion. Become a handmade jewelry collector – get different types of handmade jewelry from Victorian style, brass, copper, to silver and bling.

5. Bling is beautiful

This is one important thing to remember. Bling never goes out of fashion. Women love wearing sparkly bracelets and necklaces; it lifts your spirits and makes a woman happy. Ever since the Hollywood film Great Gatsby, it’s all about jewelry with bling! The bling-ier, the better!

6. Don’t be afraid to try something new

You can never go wrong with trying new handmade jewelry designs, so never be afraid to try something new. These days, beaded charm jewelry is trending too, with different designs such as the numbered charm, love charm, owls, and other handmade charm jewelry. Wear it well, and have fun!

7. Wear exotic jewelry

When you’re out to buy handmade jewelry, make sure you find yourself something exotic. An exotic piece of handmade jewelry such as a beaded pearl necklace with your path of life number can totally make people around you pause for a moment to check you out. The gorgeous handmade beaded pearl necklace that is the perfect attention grabber can make heads turn

Handmade jewelry is loved by all; especially young girls and women. Oh, and men love it too! Many jewelry designs are available for men in dark tones and matt finishing. Metro-sexual men love to flaunt necklaces and chain jewelry; and who said they shouldn’t? It’s fabulous!

Enjoy wearing your handmade jewelry piece, because possibly none has that except you!

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Valentine’s Day Sale on Handmade Jewelry

By Gerry

February 4, 2014

HI !!!

heart left    Guess what? Valentine’s Day is coming up!heart left

February 14, 2014

It might be a real roller coaster ride this year!!!

It will be a ‘5’ Universal Day and of course the 14th is a  ‘5’ day!

It could be a super fun day or there could be fireworks !!


So in honor of LOVE, I am having a Valentine’s

SALE on my whole website!  I have exciting new products!


Golden Butterfly Necklace


Lucky Bee Necklace


Hearts Desire Necklace


Silver Beauty


Inspiration Necklace


PUT  heart in the coupon space and get 20%

off anything on the website including my readings!

Don’t know your number??

Find it here!



heart left

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Handmade Valentine Gifts for Women

By Gerry

January 23, 2014

Valentine’s Day is a fun time – it’s a time to rejoice in love.

Buying presents for your loved ones is great fun – as long as you know what you really want, and you want something really precious and unique – photo frames and sweaters are such old gift items! Picking gifts, especially for women is quite an exhausting job because there is so much variety; and that variety gets too much – you can’t really decide what to pick!

Make this Valentine’s Day special for the women in your life by presenting them beautiful handmade numerology jewelry. Wish them beauty and success with it, whether it’s your grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter, girlfriend, friend or anyone special!

Our website has a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry that you can choose for the women in your life! It’s a unique, personalized gift when you add their Path of Life Number…. Find your special person’s Path of Life Number by visiting the website at pathoflifenumerologyjewelry.com.

1. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded handmade jewelry is beautiful and eye catching; the beads made from semi-precious stones such as turquoise, amethyst, and lapis lazuli, are carefully put together in a string with silver in form of bracelets, chains and necklaces. Women love beaded jewelry; after all, who can say no to a beautiful pearl necklace? Check out a variety of beaded jewelry here.

2. Chain Jewelry

Chain jewelry is elegant, stunning and delicate and is a perfect Valentine’s Day present for your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, friend, and even your favorite teacher! Make this day extra special for the special ladies in your life, and gift them with beautiful silver chain jewelry, embedded with semi-precious stones such as emerald and topaz along with charms and your path of life number. Check out delicate chain jewelry here.

3. Unisex Jewelry

A Brass Sun Necklace with your path of life number is a perfect Valentine Day’s present for your loved ones! It’s such a thoughtful gift! It’s not only unique but also a great way to wish your loved ones success, health and wealth! The Brass Sun Necklace is perfect for a man or a woman. Who said men can’t wear jewelry? It’s stylish, robust looking and doesn’t have those sparkly bits in it! Check out great jewelry for women and men here.

All of these beautiful jewelry pieces are handcrafted and handmade, with no lead, nickel or cadmium! It’s green, healthy and ecofriendly jewelry. Moreover, when it has your path of life number on it, it’s oh-so-amazing! Happy visit and happy shopping at our numerology jewelry website!

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A Brief History of Jewellry

By Gerry

January 22, 2014

A Brief History of Jewellry

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#9 Path–The Humanitarian…Wanting to Make the World A Better Place!

By Gerry

December 21, 2013


  • 9’s are ‘teachers’ in life and can be competent leaders.
  • 9’s have innate wisdom to share as well as compassion and can be self-sacrificing.
  •  Money comes to 9’s in unexpected ways.
  • 9’s will manifest money coming from a place of the ‘greater good’.
  • 9’s are imaginative and creative.
  • 9’s should try to detach from any family drama or pain.

Mahatma Gandhi2


Mahatma Gandhi is a wonderful example of a 9 Path of Life. He was a self-sacrificing leader who was a prime example of a teacher leading his people through his wisdom and compassion for the greater good!



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#8 Path of Life is all about Power and Money!

By Gerry

November 21, 2013


  • 8 is a lucky number and 8’s experience luck in their lives.
  • An 8 Path of Life has the gifts of power and money.
  • You will be masterful at whatever you do. You are a natural executive.
  • For an 8, it’s important to find the balance with money.  Don’t let it slip through

your fingers. You came into this life to learn how to manage money.

  • Don’t forget humility with all the power you wield.
  • 8 ‘s are excellent judges of character!
  • 8’s are definitely attracted to the finer things in life. Dom Perignon vs. Sparkling Wine?   They pick Dom!!!!!



A good example of an 8 Path of Life is Martin Scorsese.

Small in stature but brilliant and ‘in charge’ in an 8 way!



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Number 7, Knowledgeable, Wise and such a Thinker!!!

By Gerry

November 17, 2013


  • 7’s are the observers and wonderful listeners.
  • They are always looking for the deeper meaning in life.
  • 7 Paths of Life love their solitude and work best when left to their own devices.
  • Of all the numbers in numerology, a 7 is the best researcher. They love to analyze everything and can be outstanding writers.
  • It is the ‘private’ number.
  • 7’s tend to keep things ‘close to the chest’.
  • They are definitely the connoisseurs in life.
  • 7’s find serenity in nature.
  • Spirituality can be a wonderful support for a 7 Path of Life!

jr kennedy


John F. Kennedy our 35th President was a 7 Path of Life as well as his son, John Jr.


Can you see the ‘private’ side of both of these great men?





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Those Big-Hearted Souls called 6’s!!

By Gerry

October 26, 2013


  • 6’s are the nurturing souls.
  • They love their home and family and love being at home.
  • Domestic tasks are a delight! Fixing up the house, gardening and cooking…..



  •      6 paths of life like to control but they control from their heart.
  •      They just want to help to make people’s lives better.
  • They are givers!
  • 6’s can be gifted artistically and musically.
  • It’s important for a 6 to learn how to receive.
  • Life is all about balance!!!


The actor Christopher Reeve was a 6 Path of Life.
How ironic he secured the job of ‘rescuing’ the world
in his lead acting role in the movie Superman!!


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The Wacky Number 5 Loves Adventure!

By Gerry

October 6, 2013


Freedom is the key word for a “5” Path of Life….

Where is the next adventure??   That is the thinking for 5’s!

Action Jackson is what I call 5’s.   They are fun, interesting and multi-talented.curious-george-8

Curious George also comes to mind. 5’s are interested and curious  about everything.

They have the gift of being able to pick things up quickly and are able to do them well.

5’s can be very ‘spur of the moment’ and ‘off the cuff’. They are usually up for anything.

Many 5’s can be risk takers.

Generally they love to travel, especially if they have a ‘9’ somewhere else in their birthday.

The biggest difficulty for a ‘5’ is focus!!  The world is a glorious playground of opportunity for them!


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The Solid Number 4 is Organized and Reliable!

By Gerry

September 15, 2013

                                                                                                                                                                                  They can be counted on to do what they say will do… Reliable!

They tend to be extremely loyal….

Forthright…. Solid… Organized… Practical…

Very concerned with security and safety in financial affairs and other areas…

Generally, very hard workers who actually like and need to work…

You want your money’s worth!!!

Justice and honesty are very important to 4’s…..

4’s can be stubborn and opinionated and a little rigid… 🙂

Can be major worriers for themselves and friends and the world!  🙂

4’s need to have fun!!!  As I have told you in my beginning story, at a young age, through experience, I have learned to loosen up and actually listen to a different opinion than mine! Through numerology, I have realized my gifts and my challenges… When I first learned I was a 4, I wanted to be another number, something more fun… But I realized there are so many gifts in being a 4 path of life to share with others!

…….as EVERY number!!!

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