The Charming Number 3 Loves Inspiring!

By Gerry

September 12, 2013


3’s should be expressing their creativity!  As long as they are expressing

themselves, a 3 is in their bliss!

3’s love to laugh….They can be the life of the party and have a great

sense of humor!

3’s self-expression can be inspirational and uplifting to the world!

3’s bring joy just by being their true selves.

My favorite 3 example is Glynis McCants  glynis

She is positive and uplifting and is helping people by        expressing her wonderful personality through her love of numerology.

She is a ‘natural’ in the limelight and has written two great   books!

How is that for expressing your 3 essence!!


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The Diplomatic Number 2 loves to love!

By Gerry

August 24, 2013


Let’s talk about the wonderful ‘2’ vibration! People with 2’s in their charts

have the gift of sensitivity.

A ‘2’ Path of Life definitely has the gift of intuition!

You have the gift of gentle persuasion and are a peacemaker.

2’s are usually the ‘power behind the throne.’ Always the diplomat!

2’s like to be in a partnership and can be very loving.

It’s important for 2’s to communicate their feelings and not be

hurt by others.

Beauty and serenity are very important to a ‘2’. That will make them

happy campers!The World Premiere of "The Break-Up" - Arrivals


Jennifer Aniston is a 2 Path of Life, an artist who

embodies beauty and grace,

all cornerstones of a ‘2’!

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Number 1 is the Leader and Achiever!

By Gerry

July 28, 2013

I would like to talk about each number and its energy.

Let’s start at the beginning with number 1.

A 1 path of life is a natural leader and achiever….

1’s are pretty driven toward their goals in life.

1’s have original, ‘out of the box’ ideas and are gifted with creativity…

1’s are natural protectors and providers…

1’s need to be careful not to be too self critical and not

      get too carried away by their egos.


It’s important if you are a 1 path of life

that you work for yourself. Either owning your own business

or just being self employed in some capacity. 1’s do not do well

with bosses breathing over their shoulders!


I was at a school reunion a few years ago,

and there were 7 or 8 of us sitting around a table chatting.

I knew everyone’s path of life numbers because

I had already polled everyone for their birth dates earlier.

As the conversation continued, it dawned on me

that the people who were dominating the conversation

were all 1 paths of life!


1’s can be dynamic and interesting and they need their following!

What I admire about 1’s are their self assurance, self confidence and their

tenacious thirst for getting to their goals!

Tom Cruise is a 1 path of life… Talk about tenacious!!!

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Welcome to your Beautiful Path of Life!

By Gerry

July 17, 2013

IMG_0851Welcome to Path of Life Numerology…….


I am so happy that you made the choice to join me and get started on a whole new and happier Path of Life through numerology knowledge.  Please take the time to determine your path of life number.  You will find it to be the key to directing you through your daily life on a more focused and enlightened course.

By including the presence of your number and wearing it daily, you will attract and enhance more of your personal gifts and talents!  Wear your number!!Luxury Lapis bracelet w-8

I hope you will keep coming back to read more info about what your numbers mean and why they are so important for you to know.   I love the joy and understanding it brings to people when they find out they can be more aware of why things are happening around them and how to enhance each day with this new-found knowledge.

Please feel free to leave your comments or ask questions about the info I will be providing here. I look forward to hearing how your life might be changing by keeping your numbers close to you.

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My Beginning, the Charisma of Numerology!

By Gerry

July 16, 2013

Many people ask how I started in numerology. I was at a Shirley MacLaine seminar in the 80’s and another woman attending the seminar read my ‘numbers’ when I gave her my birth date and name. At that time, astrology was the rage and all those charts seemed so complicated. In a couple of minutes, she was telling me all about myself, not a chart in sight and I was fascinated. She told me to pick up a numerology book. I have over 35 to date!!

My birthday is 6/17/1952. I am a 22/4 which boils down to a 4 path of life. The general breakdown of a 4 path of life is:

They can be counted on to do what they say will do… Reliable!

They tend to be extremely loyal….

Forthright…. Solid… Organized… Practical…

Very concerned with security and safety in financial affairs and other areas…

Generally, very hard workers who actually like and need to work…

You want your money’s worth!!!

Justice and honesty are very important to 4’s…..

4’s can be stubborn and opinionated and a little rigid… 🙂

Can be major worriers for themselves and friends and the world!  🙂

4’s need to have fun!!! At my young age, through experience, I have learned to loosen up and actually listen to a different opinion than mine! Through numerology, I have realized my gifts and my challenges… When I first learned I was a 4, I wanted to be another number, something more fun… But I realized there are so many gifts in being a 4 path of life to share with others! As EVERY number!!!


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