7 Commandments of Handmade Jewelry

Posted on by Gerry

Handmade jewelry has caught teenagers, young and old alike with ravishing and jaw dropping designs. The handmade jewelry designs are unique, made with much love and care; which reflect in the intricacy and the beauty of the jewelry piece once it reaches its final shape.

Handmade beaded jewelry is trending these days as everyone loves them, but here are some things to make sure you’re wearing your handmade jewelry the right way! Follow these 10 handmade jewelry commandments to steal the show wherever you go wearing your handmade jewelry:

1. Wear it with Confidence

Each handmade jewelry piece has a unique design and style. Wear the jewelry piece with confidence, because you’re the only one in the crowd who owns one. Flaunt your exquisite handmade jewelry piece and make heads turn!

2. Don’t go overboard

When you wear a handmade jewelry piece, whether a bracelet, necklace or earrings, make sure it’s the center of attention. Don’t go overboard with too many accessories else your handmade jewelry won’t stand out. To make sure it is noticed; keep the accessories to a bare minimum! Remember – less is more!

3. Know what’s in vogue

Jewelry designers come up with great many designs, while some don’t get too much attention, others become the trendsetters. Know what’s in fashion and how you can carry it best. Wearing outdated designs can also shun the limelight.

4. Be the collector gypsy

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t collect handmade jewelry! It’s beautiful, it’s exquisite and it never goes out of fashion. Become a handmade jewelry collector – get different types of handmade jewelry from Victorian style, brass, copper, to silver and bling.

5. Bling is beautiful

This is one important thing to remember. Bling never goes out of fashion. Women love wearing sparkly bracelets and necklaces; it lifts your spirits and makes a woman happy. Ever since the Hollywood film Great Gatsby, it’s all about jewelry with bling! The bling-ier, the better!

6. Don’t be afraid to try something new

You can never go wrong with trying new handmade jewelry designs, so never be afraid to try something new. These days, beaded charm jewelry is trending too, with different designs such as the numbered charm, love charm, owls, and other handmade charm jewelry. Wear it well, and have fun!

7. Wear exotic jewelry

When you’re out to buy handmade jewelry, make sure you find yourself something exotic. An exotic piece of handmade jewelry such as a beaded pearl necklace with your path of life number can totally make people around you pause for a moment to check you out. The gorgeous handmade beaded pearl necklace that is the perfect attention grabber can make heads turn

Handmade jewelry is loved by all; especially young girls and women. Oh, and men love it too! Many jewelry designs are available for men in dark tones and matt finishing. Metro-sexual men love to flaunt necklaces and chain jewelry; and who said they shouldn’t? It’s fabulous!

Enjoy wearing your handmade jewelry piece, because possibly none has that except you!

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