George & Amal–Will they Last?

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George Clooney and Amal Clooney

Will they last?

by Gerry Welles, Numerologist

The answer to this question is a resounding YES.  George and Amal are an extremely well suited couple according to their numbers. They fit… They understand and relate to how their partner thinks.

George is a go-getter. He is an independent thinker with original ideas. He is not afraid to go outside the box … He goes after what he wants with a vengeance.  He is a 19/1 Path of Life. Amal has a very creative side, with an ‘anything goes’ attitude. She has a sunny disposition and is always up for adventure. They are both communicators. They have lively, intellectual conversations about everything with a hefty dose of laughter included. Amal is a 12/3 Path of Life.

As far as their names on their birth certificates, George is a 22/4 and Amal is a 16/7. George, in his soul, wants to make a difference in the betterment of mankind. He has a world view and leadership capabilities. Amal is very analytical and always looking for answers to life’s questions. She researches everything and is looking for the truth in all things. 

Their names also tell me that George is very charismatic and uplifting in personality with a good sense of humor. Amal is very dignified in her persona and is a humanitarian at heart.

Since this couple is intellectually oriented, they need to reveal their vulnerable sides to each other.  Really tell each other what they are feeling. Keep that heart connection open.

The Twins–Ella and Alexander Clooney

Their Path of Life is 13/4. The twins will think differently than their parents. 4’s are more inside the box than outside the box. George and Amal are definitely outside the box in their thinking. 4’s are usually very loyal, accountable, hard working, practical, strong and disciplined. As children, they are particularly stubborn.

Ella’s heart’s desire is to be a free spirit. Alexander’s heart’s desire is to be the peacemaker.


I couldn’t find a middle name for the children so this is based on just their first and last name.

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