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Amethyst has been the favorite of royals for many years due to its gorgeously regal purple hue. From pale lilac to deep purple, amethyst is a winner amongst the quartz family. Its eye catching cuts and shades of purple are breathtaking and stunning. If you’re born in February, then you’re lucky because amethyst is your birthstone.

Over the years I have developed great interest in homemade jewelry and have very recently tried my hands at semi precious stones. I must say, making jewelry using these stones give your jewelry piece an extra regal look; it sparkles, shines and looks amazingly stunning!

Since I came up with beautiful amethyst homemade jewelry designs, I thought I’d write about the amazing qualities of amethyst. Here goes:

1. Calm and Meditative

Amethyst is known for its calming and relaxing properties. This beautiful stone is known to give the wearer the ability to relax and maintain balance in life along with peace and poise.

2. Intuitive and Spiritual 

Amethyst is known to help increase the spirituality of the wearer. In addition, it provides and keeps the wearer grounded and spiritual. It is known to provide the wearer protection from evil thoughts and keep the person safe from negative auras.

3. Creativity and Passion

This stone with royal hues opens up the mind and increases the creative abilities of the wearer. It stimulates the brain to come up with new ideas, increases imagination and refreshes a person’s soul to create passion directed towards positivity and growth.

4. Heals Pains and Aches

Amethyst, the stone of kings and queens is known to have healing properties. It helps ease stress, aches and pains due to arthritis, diabetes, asthmas, headaches, miscarriage, PMS and others. It is been known to cure hangovers and help people keep away from drugs and intoxication.

5. Relieves Stress and Grief

This semi precious stone is also said to have emotional healing properties. It helps ease pain from: grievances, losses, and is known to bring contentment, happiness and help the wearer get rid of a heavy heart.

Wearing amethyst jewelry can bring so many benefits! Lucky are those who are born in February and so are those who can wear this lovely hued stone! I’ve designed beautiful homemade amethyst jewelry with different path of life numbers. Your path of life number combined with the amazing properties of amethyst can work wonders for you. A beaded amethyst bracelet or necklace also makes a perfect present for your loved one on their anniversary, birthday or even a wedding present! Amethyst and numerology can work wonders in your life. Your path of life number with the amethyst stone can be a powerful way to show yourself in our world!

Have you tried amethyst?  How is your path of life number helping you deal with life? How has it improved your well being?

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