Number 1 is the Leader and Achiever!

Posted on by Gerry

I would like to talk about each number and its energy.

Let’s start at the beginning with number 1.

A 1 path of life is a natural leader and achiever….

1’s are pretty driven toward their goals in life.

1’s have original, ‘out of the box’ ideas and are gifted with creativity…

1’s are natural protectors and providers…

1’s need to be careful not to be too self critical and not

      get too carried away by their egos.


It’s important if you are a 1 path of life

that you work for yourself. Either owning your own business

or just being self employed in some capacity. 1’s do not do well

with bosses breathing over their shoulders!


I was at a school reunion a few years ago,

and there were 7 or 8 of us sitting around a table chatting.

I knew everyone’s path of life numbers because

I had already polled everyone for their birth dates earlier.

As the conversation continued, it dawned on me

that the people who were dominating the conversation

were all 1 paths of life!


1’s can be dynamic and interesting and they need their following!

What I admire about 1’s are their self assurance, self confidence and their

tenacious thirst for getting to their goals!

Tom Cruise is a 1 path of life… Talk about tenacious!!!

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