The Diplomatic Number 2 loves to love!

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Let’s talk about the wonderful ‘2’ vibration! People with 2’s in their charts

have the gift of sensitivity.

A ‘2’ Path of Life definitely has the gift of intuition!

You have the gift of gentle persuasion and are a peacemaker.

2’s are usually the ‘power behind the throne.’ Always the diplomat!

2’s like to be in a partnership and can be very loving.

It’s important for 2’s to communicate their feelings and not be

hurt by others.

Beauty and serenity are very important to a ‘2’. That will make them

happy campers!The World Premiere of "The Break-Up" - Arrivals


Jennifer Aniston is a 2 Path of Life, an artist who

embodies beauty and grace,

all cornerstones of a ‘2’!

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