Number 7, Knowledgeable, Wise and such a Thinker!!!

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  • 7’s are the observers and wonderful listeners.
  • They are always looking for the deeper meaning in life.
  • 7 Paths of Life love their solitude and work best when left to their own devices.
  • Of all the numbers in numerology, a 7 is the best researcher. They love to analyze everything and can be outstanding writers.
  • It is the ‘private’ number.
  • 7’s tend to keep things ‘close to the chest’.
  • They are definitely the connoisseurs in life.
  • 7’s find serenity in nature.
  • Spirituality can be a wonderful support for a 7 Path of Life!

jr kennedy


John F. Kennedy our 35th President was a 7 Path of Life as well as his son, John Jr.


Can you see the ‘private’ side of both of these great men?





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