What is the Number of your Home?

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                        Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Take the number of your street address and add each number and reduce to one digit. If you live in an apartment or condo with a number on the door, this is the dominant number to work with.

1414 Brown Hills Rd.    1+4+1+4 = 10 = 1+0 =  a ‘1’ house. 



A place of self-reliance and incentive.

Encourages: Achievement


A place of love, peace, spirit and harmony.

Encourages: Feelings


A place of joy, creative expression and laughter.

Encourages: Communication


A place of solidity, grounding and safety.

Encourages: Work ( Don’t forget to play!)


A place of action, keen awareness and passion.

Encourages: Activity


A place of beauty, peace and family orientation.

Encourages: Nurturing


A place of deep contemplation, study and intuition.

Encourages: Learning


A place of influence and material gain.

Encourages: Prosperity


A place of wisdom, philanthropy and idealism.

Encourages: Charity

Want to change the energy of your home?

All you do is add a number to the INSIDE of your front door above the molding.

Are you in a ‘2’ home and want to make more money? Add a ‘6’ above the door on top of the molding and you have an ‘8’ house!


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