There are plenty of pretty bracelets out there, but yours has the added attraction of being personalized in a different way than you see anywhere else. Having purchased the beaded jewelry, I have found the products exceptionally well made and very substantial!

Toni – San Pedro, CA

I have purchased several Path of Life numerology bracelets. I found the website easy to use, and the bracelets and other jewelry very attractive in the pictures. I’m happy to say the REAL thing is even nicer.

Each bracelet arrived in a drawstring gift bag with an enclosure card explaining how to calculate your life number. The bracelets themselves are an excellent quality, made from your choice of various stones or crystals. Each bracelet comes with an extra highlight, a heart-shaped pearl drop for example, or an accent color stone, to set it off.

The addition of the number and a charm in pewter personalize each piece and make it even more unique. The selection of stones and crystals is extensive, making it possible to find the right combination for every woman on your gift list, be she a girly-girl or a bank executive.

I encouraged my future daughter-in-law to order them for her bridesmaids. I bought one for myself, wear it often, and get a lot of compliments.

Jane Paulson – Los Angeles

When I was trying to research something, I navigate all over the place, BUT when I found your site it was really easy to work out my “number” and make the order.

Sylvia – Allambie Heights, NSW Australia

My life is happier since getting my Numerology reading from Gerry Welles! She grasped immediately my passion for travel. My numbers revealed my personal truth: How I express myself is that I love creating the possibility of a magnificent world.

An unexpected benefit was her reading for my husband the following week. Work is what his life is about. He’s passionate about it. That has allowed me to frame our ‘together time’ in a respectful way regarding his focus.
I highly recommend getting a Numerology reading from Gerry.

Dr. Donna, Murrayville, Tennessee

I have never had a birthday party for myself for the majority of my life. Turning forty was very significant for me and I wanted to make it extra special. By hiring Gerry Welles to be a personal adviser for my Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, I accomplished just that. Gerry was nothing but amazing to the tee in every possible way. She was prompt and dressed to perfection for the festive occasion. She was nothing short of a crowd pleaser. The guest lined up to be advised and they were enlightened and inspired with her thorough readings and explanations. They were ready to get in line again! Gerry was very gracious and accommodating, to stay even later than the hour agreed. She surprised me with a special birthday reading that she even made sure to deliver to my email for my own personal reference. The readings were very close to home to say the least. Some things that were told to me are becoming a reality as I type…I would highly recommend Gerry for a event to be officially made a spiritually, spectacular party!!

                                                                Nicole Devirian, Santa Monica, CA

As my partner and I travel down the path of life we have been confronted with personal mysteries that continue to slow our forward progress. After a session with Gerry, we both feel as though we have a deeper understanding of who we are, where we come from but most importantly Gerry gave us a glimpse of our potential. Life is beautiful with or with out us in it but my goodness how special life becomes when we find our place in it’s abundant future.  Thank you Gerry for presenting yourself at the time you did!  With love,  

Tim & Sharon, Los Angeles, CA

You’ve shown us so much about ourselves as a couple and have made a huge impression on my existence, of which I will always be grateful.  Thank you, Gerry

Sharon, Los Angeles, CA

I love my session with you, it helped bring so much clarity into my life and relationships with my family.

Lisa, Los Angeles, CA 

I appreciated the reading and having you explain it, that was so helpful and helped me to figure out what to focus on right now. There is a real transition going on now and that was all confirmed in my reading.

Michelle, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for your wonderful and amazing reading!!!  Keep up your wonderful angelic work!!!

Joyce, Los Angeles, CA