Those Big-Hearted Souls called 6’s!!

Posted on by Gerry


  • 6’s are the nurturing souls.
  • They love their home and family and love being at home.
  • Domestic tasks are a delight! Fixing up the house, gardening and cooking…..



  •      6 paths of life like to control but they control from their heart.
  •      They just want to help to make people’s lives better.
  • They are givers!
  • 6’s can be gifted artistically and musically.
  • It’s important for a 6 to learn how to receive.
  • Life is all about balance!!!


The actor Christopher Reeve was a 6 Path of Life.
How ironic he secured the job of ‘rescuing’ the world
in his lead acting role in the movie Superman!!


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