The Wacky Number 5 Loves Adventure!

Posted on by Gerry


Freedom is the key word for a “5” Path of Life….

Where is the next adventure??   That is the thinking for 5’s!

Action Jackson is what I call 5’s.   They are fun, interesting and multi-talented.curious-george-8

Curious George also comes to mind. 5’s are interested and curious  about everything.

They have the gift of being able to pick things up quickly and are able to do them well.

5’s can be very ‘spur of the moment’ and ‘off the cuff’. They are usually up for anything.

Many 5’s can be risk takers.

Generally they love to travel, especially if they have a ‘9’ somewhere else in their birthday.

The biggest difficulty for a ‘5’ is focus!!  The world is a glorious playground of opportunity for them!


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